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PRI-CBO Convergence


Project Context


The PRI-CBO convergence project envisages a mutually beneficial relationship between the Panchayati Raj Institutions and the communities in the process of implementing poverty eradication programmes. The Kerala experience has prompted adoption of a strategy with MGNREGS as the entry point towards building partnerships between PRIs and CBOs. Developing an entitlements-based perspectives for women’s collectives is central to the strategy. SRLMs can focus on developing comprehensive convergent action plan which could be a mix of accessing entitlements and schemes in the domain of health, education, women and child development, agriculture, animal husbandry, creation of wage employment, creation of community assets, accessing credit for livelihoods and other needs, creation of water resources, etc. Potential implementation of such plans in convergence with other centrally and state sponsored entitlements and schemes may also be taken up. Special effort are also taken to include the action plans with the Gram Panchayat Development Plan for improving the status of basic services including water supply, sanitation including seepage management, sewerage and solid waste management, storm water drainage, maintenance of community assets, maintenance of roads, footpaths, street lighting, burial and cremation grounds, etc.

Scope of the PRI-CBO convergence project includes the following.


• Capacity building of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRI) and Community Based Organisations (CBO)

• Creation of a community cadre (Local Resource Group) in every Panchayat

• Strengthening CBOs to engage PRIs for addressing the special needs of the poor and the marginalised

• Converging the implementation of MGNREGS and other centrally/state supported schemes for strengthening the PRI-CBO interface

• Improvement in the governance process through effective participation in Gram Sabhas

• Participatory assessment of entitlement exercise by the SHGs

• Preparing poverty reduction action plan for the Panchayats

• Creation and institutionalisation of Convergence Committees at the CBO and with the panchayats


Target Groups

• Households for mandatory inclusion (Households without shelter, destitute, manual scavengers, Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups, legally released bonded labourers) as top priority.

• Households with deprivation on any of the 7 criteria (only one room with kuchha walls and roof, no adult member, female headed household with no male adult member, disabled member and no able bodied member, SC/ST households, no literate above 25 years, landless households surviving through labour) as priority.

• Other poor households as identified by CBOs

• Other households as per eligibility criteria for accessing various National Social Assistance Program and other benefit schemes.


Convergence infographic