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“Apna Jeevika Haat”- Evolving rural market space Stories

“Apna Jeevika Haat”- Evolving rural market space

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 11:37 Posted By Kudumbashree NRO

SVEP, A sub-scheme under National Rural Livelihoods Mission, Ministry of Rural Development, and Government of India) has the main objective to provide rural entrepreneurs with business skills, exposure, loans for starting and business support during the first critical six months of the setting up of enterprises by using the Jeevika SHGs and their federations. In Mushahri, through this program, 890 Micro-enterprises have been supported.


Jhapaha Deeh is a place 500 meters off NH-57 in Sarvottam CLF. The locals here had to travel 5 to 7 km to get access to the nearest market. There was no rural weekly haat, locally known as “Pethiya” in the radius of 5km of this location. In multiple rounds of discussion with CBO leaders, MECs identified the need of a local market in Sarvottam CLF, which would cater to the day to day needs of consumables of the local population. This location caters to the daily needs of rural consumers of almost 8 nearby villages of Bochaha and Musahari blocks.


The local haat was inaugurated with much fanfare on 9th May 2018 by the local MLA Mrs Baby Devi. Members of the CBOs, Jeevika district and block teams as well as the MECs were present on the occasion along with the local people. On the very first day Apna Jeevika Haat witnessed a footfall of 62 entrepreneurs and more than 550 local customers. A total sale of Rs 87150 was recorded on the very first day. Following are the details;


Sr. No.  Type of ME No of ME Average Sale  Total 
 1  Fancy store and cosmetics, Decoration   9  1150  10350
 2  Vegetable shop  22  1100  24200
 3  Nursery  1  600  600
 4  Chicken shop  2  3900  7800
 5  Fist stall  3  1550 4650
 6  Kirana and grocery   4  1950 7800
 7  Ice-cream  2  1600 3200
8 Fruits  5  960 4800
9 Mutton-Goat Meat  2  4450  8900
10 Readymade clothes   1  1600  1600
11 Neera  1  600  600
12 Nasta and fast food  3  2050  6150
13 Cool Drinks   1  550  550
14 Snacks (Vada, Onion Pakoda, Daal pakoda etc)  3  850  2550
15 Clay Toys  1  760  760

Gol Gappa 

 2  1320  2640
  Total 87150


Signs of the Haat being organised on a daily basis


The Haat which was earlier supposed to be organised bi-weekly (Wednesday and Saturday only) now shows signs of becoming a daily phenomenon. The place witnesses sellers coming and doing business daily without any coaxing. It is a result of the impending requirement and the mobilisation done by the MECs. Subsequent per day sales data from the haat inches close to Rs 50,000; which is a promising start.


Haat photo 1    Haat photo 2 Poster