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MGNREGA story from Assam Stories

MGNREGA story from Assam

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 23:29 Posted By Kudumbashree NRO



The story is from Dhalaguri Gram Panchayat under Borsola block in Assam. The work for MGNREGA is quite limited in Assam due to lack of proper implementation and discrepancies in terms of fund flow and utilization. After PRI-CBO Convergence project the women have been provided with an overview of the schemes by LRGs (Local Resource Group), the community cadre developed under the PRI-CBO Convergence project. The Gram Panchayat has a mixed population of people from different tribes. The work for MGNREGA was provided only to the men and the women were completely out of the picture.




Initially, the demand for work was given on 15th August 2018 for earth filling of Iddgah field under MGNREGA work. But, the Gaon Sevak kept on postponing the dates. The LRGs and VOCC (Village Organisation Coordination Committee) members approached the GP (Gram Panchayat) Secretary and demanded that the work should be given to women also this time. One of the LRGs, Sahela who hails from a minority community motivated the women to come forward and work under MGNREGA. Majority of the households in the GP have job cards for more than two years but it has been just kept as a document. As soon as the work for the Iddgah field got approved, twenty three women, all from minority background came together and started working. This was the first time in Dhalaguri GP minority women came forward and started working under MGNREGA. The women were provided with eight days of work and even the BDO (Block Development Officer) came and inspected the work site. The Gram Panchayat has given the responsibility to the LRGs and VOCC committee to monitor the quality of the work. The women have received work for ten days and are also likely get their wages in a week’s time.



                                      Women from Dhalaguri Gram Panchayat participating in MGNREGA work


“ It is quite surprising to see minority women coming for MNREGA work in Dhalaguri GP. I have been working here for the past four years and the LRGs 

have been working extremely hard to bring out women who were only part of house old work. Now they are also part of MGNREGA work for their livelihood

this shouldn’t stop here and should continue in the days ahead." - Dhalaguri Gram Panchayat Secretary



                                                          Sahela, the Local Resource Group member


Initially it was quite difficult for me to motivate the women come for MGNREGA work. But Gram Sabha has been a platform which has bought

women together and discussions on various schemes have been happening. Today I have shown path to these women and it gives me immense

happiness that I have been able to change their lives in a small way” - Sahela said with tears rolling out from her eyes with happiness