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Balaji Tent House- A Village Entrepreneurship Success Story Stories

Balaji Tent House- A Village Entrepreneurship Success Story

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Thursday, 27 September 2018 18:24 Posted By Kudumbashree NRO

Birulal Mali, an entrepreneur from Begun Block, Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) has been one of the most successful entrepreneurs under SVEP. He is also the only person who has received more than Rs. 50,000 as CEF loan in Begun. Birulal used to work for a shop engaged in providing light and sound services for events in the village. He earned a meagre income of Rs. 4000 a month working under him. Despite devoting years of dedicated service, his employer was reluctant to increase his pay. With constantly failing crops in his farm managed by his father, Birulal was forced to look for a new job. It was then that his wife informed him about SVEP which she came to know through the Micro Enterprise Consultant (MEC) Durga Rao who worked in Chechi village. Birulal sensed an opportunity and was confident that he can become the most successful DJ and Tent House service provider in the region with the right inputs for his business. He assisted Durga in preparing a business plan for his idea and took Enterprise Development Training from Begun Block Resource Centre. He requested a Rs. 1 Lakh loan which is the maximum amount that can be provided under SVEP. When the BRC management committee was convinced that his business was viable, they approved his CEF loan application. His application for a loan was initially rejected by the bank after which he had approached BRC.



Being an investment intensive business, he also pooled in some money given by his father and took another loan from the BRC to invest in his business. With an initial investment of Rs. 178,000 he started his business in Chechi from a small shop. His commitment towards his work made the business a major success and gave tough competition to others in the business including his previous employer. His business grew at a rapid pace within a short span of 1.5 years, and today as an entrepreneur he owns assets worth Rs. 13 lakhs. Durga Rao, the MEC from his village provided adequate handholding support during the initial stages and according to him Birulal was quick to learn business and financial management skills that he initially lacked. Unable to withstand competition, his previous employer shifted his shop to different location. Today Birulal runs his shop in the same space from where his previous employer operated. According to him, this is his sweet revenge. He has been accumulating enough savings and investing back to the business, one of the major reasons for the growth of his business.



Birulal 1

                                                                          Birulal's mobile DJ sound system 

Birulal 2

                                                                          Birulal in front of his shop


His dream is to acquire a large tent house which can be rented out to host large gatherings and stage programmes. Even though it would cost him around 10-12 lakhs, he is confident of fulfilling his dream and take his business to the next level.